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Top Ten: On Repeat

Hello boys and girls, this has been sitting in my drafts for weeks. I’d like to think my tumblr has some kind of purpose. I created it for sharing music but with more followers (especially people I know personally), I get more self-conscious. Whatever.

I like talking about music. I also like making lists. Thus, I’ve made a list of songs I’ve listened to on repeat and why. It’s a bit sentimental so read on if you’d like. I even included Youtube links to each song. I actually never use Youtube for music, but maybe you do? Check it out.

By the way, I wrote “top ten” but there is 11. Get over it.

Any song(s) you’ve had on repeat recently?

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End Of The Year Lists

Hi, everyone! Here is my feeble attempt at making lists for my favorite music-things in 2011. This is only my second year doing this so it’s still not going to be that cool. I’m still going through this phase where I want to buy all my music on CD or vinyl, and since I have no real source of income right now, it’s difficult to keep up with all the new music. I’m sad to admit that this list would probably look different had I been able to get all the music I wanted. SO, now that I’ve got that out way!… check it out:

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(I can put this on here because it’s music-related)

My most artistic friend, Cheyanne made this for me for my graduation! I drank a giant cup of coffee out of it this morning and now I feel wonderful. It’s funny because wolves have been my favorite animal since I was little. I used to decorate my room with tacky figurines and stuff. Also, I LOVE Manchester Orchestra! It just works out so ridiculously. Thank you friend!