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2013 End of the Year List


What a great year!! There was a lot of stuff I barely got around to listening to (like every year) but these are my top ten:

  1. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
  2. Mansions - Doom Loop
  3. Paramore - Paramore
  4. The Dangerous Summer - Golden Record
  5. Balance and Composure - The Things We Think We’re Missing
  6. Arcade Fire - Reflektor
  7. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
  8. Phoenix - Bankrupt!
  9. Jimmy Eat World - Damage
  10. Into It. Over It. - Intersections

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Swellers - The Light Under Closed Doors
  • Hellogoodbye - Everything Is Debatable



  1. Diamond Youth - Orange
  2. Young Statues - Age Isn’t Ours

Are there any albums you think I should have had on my list?

Let me know! I’ll check them out.

Music Monday: I Made a Mix!

I used to make mixes every month but now I’ve just decided to make one every 3 months. This one is from April - June. I listened to this on repeat Saturday while driving to the beach by myself; it was pretty great!

  1. Paramore - Ain’t It Fun
  2. Alt-J - Something Good
  3. The National - Mistaken For Strangers
  4. Divine Fits - Would That Not Be Nice
  5. Vampire Weekend - Finger Back
  6. Ra Ra Riot - Too Too Too Fast
  7. Gold Motel - At Least We Tried
  8. Eisley - Drink the Water
  9. The Postal Service - Clark Gable
  10. The Hush Sound - Tidal Wave
  11. Tigers Jaw - Gypsy [Fleetwood Mac Cover]
  12. Young Statues - So You Wait
  13. Jimmy Eat World - I Will Steal You Back
  14. The Gaslight Anthem - Misery
  15. The National - Sea Of Love

I uploaded the playlist to 8tracks where you can listen to it for free :)

Mid-Year Favorites

I could probably choose 10 albums for this but that would probably end up being all that I listened to and there were a few I didn’t particularly enjoy very much (ahem, Transit, Fall Out Boy, etc.) so here’s my top 5!


  1. The National - Trouble Will Find Me
  2. Paramore - Paramore
  3. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
  4. K Sera - Collisions & Near Misses
  5. Jimmy Eat World - Damage


I just want to include these because they are both great!

  1. Diamond Youth - Orange
  2. Young Statues - Age Isn’t Ours

Music Recommendations

I’m sick, so I have plenty of time to listen to some new music. If you feel so inclined, please either reply to this post or send me an ask with whatever albums you think I should listen to! It can be new or old and from whatever genre. I’d really appreciate it!

Some stuff I’ve been listening to:

  • Young Statues' self-titled album is pretty great. I don't have it yet but I've listened to it a bit on Spotify. Pretty Girls Make Raves is my jam.
  • I finally bought High Violet by The National and holy smokes, I’m super into this band now. I actually hated them when I first listened to them too.
  • The new Gaslight Anthem single is getting a lot of listens. I swear, this band can do no wrong in my eyes. Handwritten is easily my most anticipated album this year.
  • Also, Kenny Vasoli (singer of The Starting Line)’s new project, Vacationer, is super good. I will probably love whatever music this guy makes anyway.

Young Statues - Pretty Girls Make Raves
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Pretty Girls Make Raves - Young Statues from Young Statues

Young Statues - Pretty Girls Make Raves

I like this song a lot. Listen to it, okay?