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Show Recap: Take Action Tour 2011

Last night I went to the Take Action Tour with some kids. We got a little lost on the way and when we made it to the show The Swellers were half way through there set and we completely missed Texas In July (not complaining about that one). The Swellers sounded great. I had been really wanting to see them.

(crappy iPhone picture of The Swellers)

Next up was Polar Bear Club and I was the only one who wanted to watch them because apparently I’m the only one who appreciates quality punk rock. Whatever. They were really good and played a good set.

(Polar Bear Club)

Next was Bayside. They were collectively who we went for. At this point we got in the pit and it was crazy as always. Bayside sounded amazing and some guy proposed to his girlfriend on stage right before Don’t Call Me Peanut.

(Anthony Raneri, of Bayside, acoustic)

We watched Silverstein from the sidelines. About this time, I was pretty tired and was trying not to let my vinyl get cracked. However, they sounded really good and I don’t listen to them but I may have to actually listen to the few songs I have on my iTunes now.


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