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End Of The Year Lists

Hi, everyone! Here is my feeble attempt at making lists for my favorite music-things in 2011. This is only my second year doing this so it’s still not going to be that cool. I’m still going through this phase where I want to buy all my music on CD or vinyl, and since I have no real source of income right now, it’s difficult to keep up with all the new music. I’m sad to admit that this list would probably look different had I been able to get all the music I wanted. SO, now that I’ve got that out way!… check it out:



  1. The Horrible Crowes - Elsie
  2. The Dangerous Summer - War Paint
  3. Thrice - Major/Minor
  4. Transit - Listen & Forgive
  5. Into It. Over It. - Proper
  6. Mutemuth - Odd Soul
  7. Andy Zipf - Jealous Hands
  8. The Swellers - Good For Me
  9. Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math
  10. Bayside - Killing Time

Finding my number one was really tough this time and towards the end it was difficult to decide if I even wanted some of these albums on my list because I know there were better releases, I just didn’t get to really listen to a lot of them. Also, I’m probably one of the few lists with no Bon Iver. It could have been on here had I listened to it more/owned it. That might be something I’ll regret later.



  1. Diamond - Don’t Lose Your Cool

(I can’t think of any others, but who cares. This one rules)


This list is not in order of what I liked the most. It’s actually my “Favorites Of 2011” playlist so it’s in this order because it sounds good that way.

  1. Andy Zipf - What More Can I Say?
  2. States - Waiting (For Too Long)
  3. Bon Iver - Towers
  4. Marksmen - You Used To Run
  5. Mutemath - Prytania
  6. Deas Vail - Wake Up And Sleep
  7. Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared
  8. The Horrible Crowes - Go Tell Everybody
  9. The Dangerous Summer - Work In Progress
  10. Transit - I Think I Know You
  11. Diamond - Fly Solo
  12. The Swellers - Better Things
  13. Into It. Over It. - Where Your Nights Often End
  14. The Horrible Crowes - Blood Loss
  15. Thrice - Words In The Water

Most Anticipated For 2012:


  1. The Gaslight Anthem
  2. Good Old War
  3. Circa Survive
  4. Brand New (maybe?)
  5. The Early November

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