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If and when you feel sad, remember that there are people in this world who think you're fascinating and pretty <3 I can't be the only one! You should blog more opinion posts. from Anonymous

This is so nice! Thank you very much.


Vintage slides of Tomorrowland at Disney World. While some things have changed, with Mission to Mars changing to Stich’s Great Escape and America the Beautiful becoming the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, quite a bit is the same, especially the PeopleMover. Via Disney Pix.

Mansions - Seven Years (Acoustic)
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Seven Years (Acoustic) - Mansions from Dig Up the Dead


Mansions // “Seven Years” (Acoustic)

I’ve got a long black river in the back of my head. It is taking me down, I am raising the dead, but if the chemicals drift away I guess that someday I’ll forget, but no I have not yet.

Manchester Orchestra Release ‘HOPE’ + Announce Intimate Tour



Hope is in the air, don’t you feel it? Surprise, Manchester Orchestra have released a full acoustic version of COPE called HOPE with different arrangements and beautiful sounds all around. Vinyl will be coming out in November, but digital is out today. The band has also announced a very intimate tour in support of the release. Check out the dates and listen to the full album below! 

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Bought a ticket 11/8 what’s up. I’m gonna listen to this album so hard when I get home from work.